Thursday, 9 June 2011

How to use your fraps?

When you finish downloading, u will have an icon that says Fraps. Click on it. When u enter, u will see that it is in blue colour(or maybe different) and the top part has general, fps, movies, screenshots. You goto general and check if the fraps window always on top is ticked, if not pls ticked it by pressing the box next to it. next goto ur FPS. the benchmarking hotKey put f11 and cheacked that nothing is ticked on the FPS. The Overlap Hotkey put f12. Then goto ur movies. Important note:if u want to use frap, look at the movies->video capture Hotkey put f9 than put a dot beside the full size or tick. Put another tick or dots on the blank. write 10 on the blank. the sound capture system. Tick the record win7 sound and put a dot beside stereo. Others do not tick or put dots. screenshot. Screen Capture hotkey put f10 and image format put BMP. Other dun need. Press f9 to become lagger and to do glitch!!!