Thursday, 9 June 2011

Cheat engine downloads

Here is the website :

Lost temple glitch

First walk up to the temple. Do not walk up to third floor. At the second floor, u can on frap and try jumping around behind the holder(the round stick) . You will see that u cannot jump as once u jump u will fall to the first floor! HAHA it is a gud glitch to escape!! Hope it is useful for escaping!!! Grin

how to go into a path with grass in quarry? (easy)

first on ur fraps. then u go into the game, and go to the blue team flag. after that, infont of it, have a path that leads to a bunch of grass. With ur frap on, just walk straight forward into it.
If u had done it correctly, u can get into the grass! Hope u like it. Wink

How to use your fraps?

When you finish downloading, u will have an icon that says Fraps. Click on it. When u enter, u will see that it is in blue colour(or maybe different) and the top part has general, fps, movies, screenshots. You goto general and check if the fraps window always on top is ticked, if not pls ticked it by pressing the box next to it. next goto ur FPS. the benchmarking hotKey put f11 and cheacked that nothing is ticked on the FPS. The Overlap Hotkey put f12. Then goto ur movies. Important note:if u want to use frap, look at the movies->video capture Hotkey put f9 than put a dot beside the full size or tick. Put another tick or dots on the blank. write 10 on the blank. the sound capture system. Tick the record win7 sound and put a dot beside stereo. Others do not tick or put dots. screenshot. Screen Capture hotkey put f10 and image format put BMP. Other dun need. Press f9 to become lagger and to do glitch!!!

Glitch in Crack Down (advanced)

First of all you must have fraps for this. You may download it in this website
Second, on your fraps, if you do not noe ask other people(or maybe I will post it later).
Third, enter a search and destroy match named crack down.
Forth, if u are a red team member, go straight and u will find many box.
Fifth, find the one which have 3 box and 1 is stacked onto the other.
Sixth, on fraps to jump to the 1 which is stacked, than, u continue to on fraps and squat down and then jump(continuse pressing the squat butoon).
If u do it correctly, u should be able to jump into the box. People cannot see u, u can see them, people cannot kill u , u can kill them. HAHA!!
Hope u like it! Smiley Smiley

melee glitch(easy)

First, goto setting when you are at the lobby of blackshot.
Second, click the control button at the top of the setting.
Third, look at the right side, you will see control butoons, then scroll down till you find a cotrol that says ''use weapon''
Fourth, at the right side, normally you will see ''L-mouse button'' but click on the ''L-mouse button''  than press the ''v'' button on your keyboard ( you can tries others key but I think the most suitable one is v).
Fifth, press the comfim button below. Than goto a melee match.
Sixth, when you are inside the melee match, u should see that u cannot use the left click to attack, instead u should press the V (or other u have chose) in order to attack.
Seventh, hold the button V(or other u have chose) on your keyboard and scroll ur mouse scroll up and down.
If u have done it correctly, u should be spamming!!!! (note: u must not have a grenade with u for tis glitch or it would not worked.)

Grenade glitch

Go here: to watch the most irritating frenade and how to do it!