Thursday, 9 June 2011

Glitch in Crack Down (advanced)

First of all you must have fraps for this. You may download it in this website
Second, on your fraps, if you do not noe ask other people(or maybe I will post it later).
Third, enter a search and destroy match named crack down.
Forth, if u are a red team member, go straight and u will find many box.
Fifth, find the one which have 3 box and 1 is stacked onto the other.
Sixth, on fraps to jump to the 1 which is stacked, than, u continue to on fraps and squat down and then jump(continuse pressing the squat butoon).
If u do it correctly, u should be able to jump into the box. People cannot see u, u can see them, people cannot kill u , u can kill them. HAHA!!
Hope u like it! Smiley Smiley

1 comment:

  1. second step need to be explain more.. can't understand..